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Who We Are

Mahd is the first of its kind online shopping destination. A locally driven, locally built & locally serving platform that’s designed to offer its customers the most diversified product offerings. From the latest Abaya’s in the market to the most fashionable wear brought to you by local ambitious designers to the latest publications by well-known writers and novelists to the biggest social media makeup sellers online gathering to the most desired perfumes and fragrances in the market to the brightest trending accessories & jewelry to locally made handcrafts and much more!

We are committed to change the way online shopping is by presenting social commerce in a completely new approach, we’re focused on both ends of the bargain ensuring our customers and sellers the utmost satisfaction and happiness. We believe in value driven selling, we don’t stop once an order is completed, we’re there for you since the minute you step foot in our house (metaphorically) which is really yours (non-metaphorically) we don’t only assist you in the process of selling but we’re welling to be your stylist, friend, brother, sister & basically whatever you need us to be but we won’t be that annoying sales agent trust us on that.

We promise you the best because we know you are the best.

Our Mission

Mahd is a catalyst for online shoppers to think, choose, use & prosper.

Our Vision

At our core, Mahd envision revolutionizing online shopping experiences in MENA.

Our Promise

We promise you the absolute best, joyfulness, convenience, complacency & at least contentment.

Our Vibe

At Mahd, we act as magicians. You think of it, we bring it.


Mohammad A. AlMheiri (CEO and Chief finance officer)

Mohammad is an Emirati serial entrepreneur, engineer and an author. He aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial scene among local talents and empower the ideology of multiple revenue streams by motivating locals to focus on building businesses and focus on value oriented ventures. Mohammad is also a pervious MMA fighter and he used to enjoy boxing back in the day. He is the biggest Atletico Madrid fan in the UAE.

Abubaker M. AlZubaidi (Chief inventory officer & operations VP)

Abubaker is a mechatronics engineer who comes from an entrepreneurial family where he grew watching his father build his own business from scratch, which gave him the motive to build something that would help young talents such as him to build businesses and gain financial independence. Abubaker is also an ectomorph bodybuilder who enjoys training more than he does anything else (Note: he’s a clueless football fan)

Abdelrahman Al Askar (Chief operations officer & inventory VP)

Abdulrahman is a Mechanical engineer with taste of exploration, he’s a very sociable figure in any community he takes part of and in addition to that Abdelrahman is a passionate entrepreneur who seeks to be one of the young Emirati generation to establish presence in the online business scene. Abdelrahman is a hardcore Real Madrid fan who’ll take so much joy in proving his club is the greatest which is not true.

Abdulla AlZubaidi (Support services director & operations VP)

Abdulla is a mechanical engineer who comes from a family that strive on launching businesses and succeeding in the private sector. His organizational & interpersonal skills enable him to handle workloads regardless of pressure and amount. Abdulla is also one of a kind foodie whom will astonish you when it comes to what eat or where to eat. (Note: he’s a real Madrid fan so make sure himself & Abdulrahman are always the challenging party to Mohammad)

Minwa AlAwadhi (Chief marketing officer & finance VP)

Minwa comes from a financial background and is handling people in every sense, her experience in social media and consumer behaviors on such platforms enable her to lead brilliantly. She’s one of the best when it comes to handling people, her experience in the educational field allows her to know how enable others to grow and prosper. Note that Minwa is a cross-fitter whom loves personal health and well-being.

Hessa N. Al Amiri (Chief technology officer & marketing VP)

Hessa comes from an information technology & security background, she’s been involved in regulatory customer service and played a part in enabling businesses to grow it’s staffing resources setup proceedings. Hessa is the friendliest person you may ever meet, her personal skills makes her an enjoyable company to have at any time.

Abdulla AlKaabi (Serving his National Recruitment Service)

Abdullah is the most polite Mechatronics engineer you could ever think of. He is very genuine and very dedicated to any task or job he handles. He has always wished to build something that creates value and in Mahd he found purpose where he cannot only deliver great value but help others do so along the way. He will also agree to anything you say without any objection.

Ali Abdullah AlKhayat (Serving his National Recruitment Service)

Ali is an Emirati engineer who holds a masters of engineering management he also thrives on organizational excellence and a strong believer in young talent capabilities. Ali is also a GMC Sierra rider who enjoys sand dunes and desert trips (NOT TYPICAL). He is also the lamest person you will ever meet with jokes that takes two weeks for normal human beings to understand.

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